3 Ways to Turbo Charge Your Brand

How was your last interaction with a service company, such as your local bank branch, insurance agency or credit card company? Was your experience favorable or unfavorable? Why? Either conscious or unconscious, the impression you formed was likely influenced by the quality of the website, the friendliness of the staff and the level of satisfaction from that experience.

Asset managers are under the same level of scrutiny. Years ago, your company’s sales and shareholder services teams were the primary access points for buyers. Now, advisors and investors have multiple ways to come in contact with, and form an opinion about, your brand.

Make sure it’s a positive experience by going beyond the website, fact sheet and firm profile. Turbo charge your brand by adding personality and depth to your firm in formats that appeal to today’s buyer, including:

  1. Videos. By 2019, 85% of Internet consumption in the U.S. could be dominated by video, according to a study by Cisco. Encourage visitors to engage on your site by including videos that highlight a portfolio manager discussing the market, or a product or an investment idea that could be implemented. Whether you have one primary speaker focused on the camera or a conversation between two individuals, Harborside’s Digital Media Specialist Nayoung Kim has three tips: keep the video length short, add interesting visuals to hold the audience’s attention, and make sure the video is featured prominently on your site, including the home page.
  2. Conference calls or webinars. While some advisors consume videos, others prefer to listen in to a short conference call. Many asset managers have success in holding regular conference calls, especially when they are shorter than a half of an hour, involve a conversation between individuals, and discuss more than a product.
  3. Outstanding customer service. Make sure that when an advisor or investor contacts your firm, they have an experience that enhances their view of your brand. Think of Zappos, which has legendary customer service, or, which topped 24/7 Wall Street’s “Customer Service Hall of Fame.” With less than 2% of respondents reporting a poor experience, implemented features that enhanced customer satisfaction, including anticipating when a customer might need an item and shipping it to a nearby warehouse before they enter their order. Take a cue from these ecommerce giants by implementing ways you can enhance your customer service experience.

With the multiple ways buyers can interact and experience your company today, it helps to put some thought into which formats best highlight the unique aspects of your company and enhance your brand.

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