2020 Challenge: Take Your Investment Commentary to the Next Level

In times of excessive market volatility, investors and advisors are eager to understand and gain insight. Asset management firms with experienced portfolio managers are in an ideal spot to fill this information void.

Our years of experience have reinforced that concise, relevant investment commentary can not only help investors and advisors with relevant information but the effort can have a sales and marketing impact. A commentary is often a top page hit for visitors on an asset manager’s website. It showcases to visitors, many of whom may be new to your firm, valuable market insight and presents reasons for them to come back for more. Financial Advisors get a glimpse of the depth of your investment team and investors may take the opportunity to potentially connect your product strategies as a solution to real market concerns. In addition, Financial Advisors often use a website review as one of their first due diligence screens, so set the bar high with rich thought leadership.

We’ve found the following three tactics provided the most impact:

  • Be proactive. Address significant market-driven events as they arise.
  • Focus on niche topics. The more specific you are address a topical concern, the greater the advisor interest level.
  • Write regularly. No matter how markets are performing, posting new commentary on your website brings back clients and prospects and boost rankings with search engines.

For 2020, we challenge you to rethink the release of your firm’s thought leadership and take your commentary efforts to the next level.

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